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As ‘’BAYRAM FINDIK‘’ our priority is to present the best quality nut to you !!

Introducing the Turkish nut to the world and producing it properly is our duty! As ‘’BAYRAM FINDIK’’  we always believe the importance of the quality and quality must be the first target... It must be the policy of our company.For this reason,we must try to manage the production of the nut in the region and also the country with the boutique based production process.Because nut is very valuable all over the country and region.This management focused on customer-product relationship. On the other hand, we try to develop the boutique process into the corporate process. By this way,we can gain the customers’ satisfactions.

Finally, ‘BAYRAM FINDIK’’ company wants to take an important place in national and international bazaars in this industry..

Quality and customer pleasure are our first and main principles and developing the boutique process into the corporate process is the exact purpose of our company.We must work on the development methods of producing the nut.

Our another aim is to be known as an important referee in this industry.


Our Environment Policy

As ‘BAYRAM FINDIK’ ,we are determined to make efficient and successful projects to save our environment in our business.By this,we can leave a clean and healthy environment to the next generations...

By this way,we can be sure that we will leave a healthy and clean environment to the next generations. As a result,’BAYRAM FINDIK  BOUTIQUE’’ always behaves with this aim..


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